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Hardwall 25Kg

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Thistle Hardwall is a gypsum undercoat plaster for use on most masonry. With a final coat of Thistle Multi-finish, it provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls. The combination has superior impact resistance to efflorescence, and gives a durable base for application of decorative finishes. Thistle Hardwall is a lightweight, retarded hemihydrate, pre-mixed gypsum plaster, incorporating special aggregates and additives, requiring only the additional of clean water to prepare it for use. It is suitable for application by hand or by plaster projection machine.

Key Features

  • Undercoat plaster with high impact resistance
  • Suitable for most masonry backgrounds
  • Quicker drying time

Thistle Hardwall should be applied with firm pressure, built out to the required thickness, ruled to an even surface and lightly scratched to form a key for thistle multi-finish. For machine application, the plaster should be sprayed on to the background in the form of a ribbon. The consistency should allow the ribbon to run together. When a substantial area is covered, Hardwall is worked and ruled as in hand plastering. It is easier to attain the required thickness of plaster in one application by machine, but the total thickness should normally exceed 25mm (subject to background suitability)

SpecificationA 25kg bag of Thistle Hardwall will cover 3.0 m2 at 11mm thickness and approximately 1.5 – 2 hours setting time. Hardwall complies with EN 13279-1 types B4/20/2 and C3/20, and is manufactured under a quality system independently audited and certified as conforming with ISO 9001: 2000

Thistle Bonding Coat is pre-mixed with aggregate and only clean water needs to be added to prepare it for use. Mixing should be carried out in clean bucket or bath. Excessive mechanical mixing should be avoided. Tools and water used in mixing must be clean. Contaminations from previous mixes can shorten the setting time in turn reduce the strength of plaster when set.

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