Black Jack Flashing Tape 300mm x 10m


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Black Jack Flashing Tape 300mm x 10m

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Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashing with natural lead-look finish.
FLASHING TAPE FLASH is a strong self-adhesive flashing tape comprising of an aluminium foil and a bitumen rubber adhesive. The adhesive forms a strong waterproof seal simply by pressing the tape into place by hand. USES General repair to existing flashing.
? Flashing bituminous felt and similar roofs.
? Flashing parapet walls.
? Replacement of lost lead flashing.
? Repairs to cracks in concrete.
? Repairs to lead gutters.
? Sealing capping bolts in roof sheets.
? Sealing roof ridges.
? Protective coating to insulation materials.
? Sealing projections through roofs and similar sections.
? Flashing between timber and brickwork or blockwork or blockwork cavities.
? Flashing of skylights

Replaces need for lead flashing.
? Self-adhesive – requires no separate glue.
? Tape Strength 3.5N/mm
Flexibility at -15°C No cracking
Application Temperature Range 5°C to 40°C
Weight 1.4 kg/m²
Bond Strength To Primed Concrete 3.5N/mm

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