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Model: 25010792
Stainless steel cover for Thermal control plateMaterial - Stainless Steel..
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Model: 25010791
Control for towel rail element to fit next to towel rail in the bathroom, IPX5 rated. Features power on/off, increase/ decrease output, active LED display and 2 hour boost. Optional stainless steel cover...
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012014
Heatmiser RF-SwitchThe RF-Switch 16A is our surface mount wireless receiver for electric heating. It is capable of switching up to 16A.Please note this is not designed for electric floor heating as there is no floor limiting sensor function. CompatibilityThe RF Switch is compatible with the Sli..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012006
The Heatmiser DS1 V2 is our central heating thermostat, ideal for conventional or combi-boiler systems. This thermostat is used in conjunction with a separate programmer.The following features of the DS1 V2 central heating thermostat are available;    Power On & Heat On Indication..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012030
The Heatmiser neoUltra is our colour display thermostat that has been designed to work as a standalone thermostat, or as part of an app controlled Neo System.When paired to the neoHub (sold separately) you can control your heating from anywhere.In addition, the neoUltra can operate as a ce..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012412
35mm single gang plastic easy fix box..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012034
The Heatmiser neoKit-e includes a neoStat-e V2 and neoHub, giving you app control of your electric floor heating.Suitable for those withElectric Floor HeatingCompatible with 10K, 12K, 15K NTC Floor ProbesWireless Air Sensor & Door Contact Function - neoHub requiredWhen paired to the ne..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012026
Heatmiser Edge-e is our 230v Electric Floor Heating Thermostat. With Edge-e, a single or multiple Wireless Air Sensors can be paired to the thermostat. When multiple sensors are used, the average temperature is calculated and is perfect for larger open plan properties.In addition to the wi..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012017
The Heatmiser neoAir 16A Bundle v2 includes a neoAir v2, 16A RF Switch and Desk Stand and is perfect for those looking to control electric heaters/radiators.The neoAir can be wall or desk mounted and a desk stand is included in this bundle. System FeaturesCapable of Switching up to 16..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012024
The Heatmiser Slimline-E V2 Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat has been designed specifically with electric floor heating in mind. It is compatible with all electic floor systems with a total load less than 16AThe Heatmiser Slimline-E V2 electric floor heating thermostat allows you to contr..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012406
Empty Room Sensor Enclosure Dimensions 80Wx 80H x 22D mm..
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Brand: Heatmiser Model: 25012036
Heatmiser Edge-HC is our Multi Mode Fan Coil Thermostat with room occupancy switch. The Heatmiser Edge-HC operation mode can be selected in software between 5 different types. This extensive system support means clients only need to stock one model, rather than a whole series of products to cat..
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