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Plasters & Renders

Mineral-based plasters can be divided up into plasters and renders for outdoors and plasters for indoors, and into hand-applied or machine - applied plasters.

Model: 07100104
EuroScrim is a premium quality, quick and easy to apply, self-adhesive scrim tape that is made in Europe to perform! EuroScrim has a quality high tack adhesive and an open mesh that will not blister or bubble, creating perfect joints everytime...
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Brand: British Gypsym Model: 44010126
British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish is a gypsum finish plaster for use in a wide range of backgrounds. It provides a smooth, Inert, high quality surface to internal walls and ceilings, and a durable base for the application of decorative finishes. Multi-Finish is a retarded hemihydrate, pre-mixed gy..
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Brand: Everbuild Model: 44010418
Plasterers Gripcoat is a high performance, plasterers grip coat bonding agent specifically designed to provide an improved key to smooth surfaces.  Containing a fine aggregate, it provides a mechanical key to backgrounds such as plaster, concrete, painted surfaces, textured surfaces and ceramix..
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Brand: British Gypsym Model: 44010833
Thistle Bonding Coat is a gypsum undercoat plaster for use on low suction background e.g. brickwork, block work or concrete, gyproc plasterboard, expanded metal lath, or surfaces treated with bonding agent finish off with a final coat of Thistle Multi-Finish. Bonding coat provides a smooth, inert, h..
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Brand: British Gypsym Model: 44010844
Thistle HardWall is a quick drying undercoat plaster suitable for use on most masonry backgrounds such as bricks, medium-density and aircrete blocks.                                          &nbs..
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