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Cleaning & Preparation

EpicCentre Supply offer everything you need to effectively clean and prepare your surfaces for decorating – from protective sheeting, cleaners and solvents to decorative fillers and more.
Model: 31010005
Genuine cotton twill, protect from spills, splashes and dust. Strong hardwearing cotton resists wear from tools, stepladders and feet. Reversible, machine washable...
Ex Tax:£7.10
Model: 31010003
Glass Cleaner is a powerful glass cleaning agent containing a high level of detergents and solvents for rapid drying to a smear and static free finish. May also be used on tiling, VDUs, TV screens, chrome etc...
Ex Tax:£2.75
Model: 44010920
Multi-Use Wonder Wipes have become the first choice wipe of the nations builders and tradesmen. Specially formulated to clean hands, tools and surfaces from wet and semi-cured paint, sealant, adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, oil, grease and even silicone. Particularly useful when there is no water..
Ex Tax:£4.91
Model: 31010004
Heavy duty, perfect for painting. Protects from paint spills, splashes, dirt and dust...
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: 30010132
Professional Long Stay Masking Tape that can be left on for up to 14 days without leaving a residue or damage to the surface. Increasingly popular with professional Decorators, Pro Blue prevents seepage when using highly solvented or thinner coatings such as Woodstains and many metal paints. High te..
Ex Tax:£3.30
Model: 37010007
Our protection is a fluted polypropylene board suitable for multi surface impact protection, most commonly used on floors and surfaces, but can also be used for other applications such as windows and walls. It is an extremely well established product which is used in many protection applications acr..
Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: 31010009
Quick and easy to unwindSafer than dustsheets, no risk of tripping.Easily removes with no sticky residue25m x 600mmIdeal for hard surfaces such as floors and worktops...
Ex Tax:£11.26
Model: 37010002
NDC Polipak offers a choice of polythene and woven polypropylene Rubble Sacks. Both types provide a strong bag suitable for carrying most construction and building waste. The Polythene rubble sacks are made from either virgin polythene or 100% recycled polythene in a thick construction which ma..
Ex Tax:£16.50
Model: 44010257
Low-tack crepe paper masking tape with special low-adhesion synthetic rubber adhesive designed to give a crisp, sharp line on delicate surfaces, such as freshly-painted or plastered walls, wallpaper, treated wood and emulsion paint. Peels cleanly, leaving no adhesive residue. Can be written on and i..
Ex Tax:£1.49
Model: 31010015
A durable dustproof and waterproof dust sheet roll, ideal for protecting furniture, flooring, walls and carpets from spills, splashes and drips...
Ex Tax:£3.20
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