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Model: 02010009
FAST SET CEMENTBreedon Fast Set Cement is a Portland Cement containing calcium sulfo aluminate and special additives, developed  to give quick setting and hardening characteristics. Breedon Fast Set Cement allows the worked area  to be brought back to operation after only a few hours...
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Model: 02010004
GENERAL PURPOSE CEMENTGeneral Purpose Cement is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and comes conveniently packed in weatherproof, tear-resistant, plastic bags.  It is a CEM II cement, based on Portland cement clinker. BENEFITS  •  Grey in colour •..
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Model: 02010014
This fine white hydrated lime is perfect for use in concrete, mortar, and soil stabilisation...
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Model: 02010010
RAPID SET POST MIX Rapid Set Post Mix secures posts quickly and accurately.  It improves your operation times because it’s pre-mixed  and sets fast (approximately 10 minutes). This means you  can fix the post in exactly the right way without having  to support it for too long. It..
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Model: 02010005
WHITE PORTLAND CEMENT The cement in this bag is a beautiful and consistent white (yes, we know the clue is in the name). It has been specifically chosen for its characteristics to produce a white or lighter coloured concrete, mortar and render with or without pigments. It performs similarly to Breed..
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Model: 02010016
Post Mix Concrete is a versatile concrete product, ideal for both DIY and larger use. In the garden, it provides strong foundations for gate and fence posts, as well as the base of paving and pathways...
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